Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Timeline of an Art Show

August-  Yay, a new school year! Everything is going to be different this year, I am going to get all of my things in order so I can have an easy go of it in April! Talked to the Tech teacher and we are going to add a digital media component.

September- Plan on the lessons that you would like to put in the art show, and decide roughly when they will fall in the year, Meet with your team and talk about all the plans you have to make this year the BEST EVER! Assure the Music teacher that yes you DO need the choir to preform DO NOT BAIL ON ME!

October-January- Do not think about the art show one time.

February- Freak out! The art show is in 2 months! Have a meeting with my volunteers, dig through the art and find all the pieces that I had planned to put on display, and put them in a secure location, pick a theme that ties the year together, (it is print making this  year) plan to do the projects that I didn't start on yet, fire the kiln like a crazy person, get a parent to be in charge of the food, book the entertainment and get the Creative Learning Leadership Team on board with my plan to make the art show reception more like literacy night. Get a sub.

March- slightly backpedal on all the work that was done because Big Art Day and YAM, 100% and the Book People Show are happening and you have to deal with that. But Film kids like crazy so that the digital media component will work

-Create a volunteer spot so you can get people to help mount the art.
-Forget to send out the volunteer spot so some of the help dates pass
-Add more dates to the volunteer spot and actually send it out
-Tell a very annoyed faculty that the Creative leadership team decided each grade level would be doing some kind of demonstration.
-Hold the mount art happy hour
-Get out of administering STAAR test so you can create all the signs, program, and organize the entertainment.
-Have 4th grade create and select the 5 t-shirts that are going to be voted on for next years school shirt.
-Find script from last years assembly, adjust it, and have art club learn and present it
-Get high school students to create a screen for you
-Check on all the people that have said they are doing things and make sure those things are really happening.
-Set up the art show.
-Be available to put out any fires (what do you mean the QR codes don't work!) so that classes can enjoy the artwork.
-Make sure everything is in place for the evening reception.
-Realize you haven't eaten in HOURS.
-Make sure docents are doing what they should be doing
-Get people to man the screen printing when no one showed up to help!
-Clean up
-tear the show down
-Get all your classes on Monday to help put all the art away and clean the classroom.
-Finally teach again
-Happy hour!

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