Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Baby Room

  Believe it or not, I did eventually finish Munchy's room.

The sanded and painted desk.

My Craft Fail Curtains.

Room Details. 
Crib and Shelves: Ikea.
Bedding/Toy Net: Target
Rocker: Vintage
Desk: Vintage DIY
Art: Vintage and family made.

Friday, May 9, 2014

#Loveatfirststitch Brigitte Scarf

OMG you guys. Some of you might know that I have been reading Tilly and the Buttons since 2011. Well today is the day that everyone has been waiting for.... she launched her new book, Love at First Stitch. It is kind of a bittersweet day for me, because it won't be available in the US till October, and I'm about to have a whole summer in front of me. I guess I can wait, and have already pre-orderd my copy. As part of her online book launch many people made a Brigitte scarf and tweeted it to show support. Here is mine.
I don't have the world's best fabric stash, But I like how the print looks. So many students told me how nice I looked! Maybe that means I should put more effort into my hair.....

Last night Tilly even retweeted me! So exciting!
Doesn't Munchy look cute in my scarf?

I guess I will have to make some other projects until October.....
The Artsy Girl

Thursday, May 8, 2014

2014 Art show

If wanted some day I can write a post on how to put a thing like this on.