Saturday, April 21, 2012

Photography part 2

As promised, here is the black and white.
Oh looky there. Something labeling this as mine. That web art class was baller. I need to do this again.

This photo made my professor say I was his most promising student <3

The one thing I miss about my ex from several years ago? His roommate. This guy. I hope I gave him a print of this.


One of my main concentrations in college was Photography. It wasn't official or anything, because as education majors we were technically not supposed to pick an art specialty (or maybe I just thought it was a bad idea in an effort to spread my wings for the sake for the kids.) Anyway, I told a parent about this, and she asked me to photograph her kid, and I said yes! Maybe this can be a side gig?

Well I have a long way to go, and my college professors would be really disappointed in me right now. Like a bone head I uploaded through iphoto rather then photo capture, and it compressed all my photos. Of course I didn't realize this until after I had deleted the photos off my memory card. Ugh. Even though most people would never notice, I'm gonna come clean and offer to not take payment. If anything it was a nice afternoon with kids and a parent I like, and I'd rather think of it that way then be racked with anxiety about her finding out and telling other people that I'm handing out too small files.

anyway it got me to thinking, I haven't shared any of my photography here. I'll put some Color in this post, and then some Black and white in the next post, as I am sure Blogger will not accept that many photos.

One of my flower girls.

Just a taste.
The Artsy Girl

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Groomsmen Gifts -Etching Glass

 M is planing on paying the tux rental for his groomsmen gift. While this is very sweet, as many of his groomsmen are students, I think they deserve a little something tangible.

You could probably fit most of a 40 in here.
I found these awesome oversize beer mugs at the dollar tree, and a light went off.  I snatched up enough of them and headed to the craft store to find supplies for glass etching.  I have always wanted to try this, and have seen tutorials over the years, but was a little unsure.

First thing you are going to need are some kind of barrier to block out the area you don't want etched. I used tape and stickers. I have seen places where people used things like puffy paint too, anything that will create a seal that the etching cream can't get under.

I carefully lined up the name of the groomsmen on the glass, and then outlined it in tape. Wish for your sake the tape was colorful, look closely you will see it. Make sure to rub hard so it really sticks.

You can do it the other direction too, if you like. I think it looks better this way if the name is really short. (I also did both sides.)

This is the magic stuff you need, Armour Etch. Apparently there is a product that fake etches things according to the sales girl. it puts a residue on the glass rather then scratching the glass. This is the real one. The directions even say not to let it in contact with your skin. That is also the extent of the directions on the bottle. I went to the website and no luck there. The rest I had to pretty much figure out on my own (because dangit of I couldn't find any of those tutorials again! Oh the days before Pintrist)

Brush it on, not like this. This stinks.
Grab a paint brush and brush the etching cream into the area you want etched. in this pic it is kind of dabbed on, DO NOT DO THAT. The etching comes out blotchy. Brush it on evenly, maybe a couple of times. Leave it for about 10 min. It is going to smell like rotten eggs. Ew.

After 10 min rinse the cream off with warm water. Bonus of warm water, it will take the stick off the stickers and tape.

Now were done and you have some awesome custom made beer stein.

Hope you like it!

The Artsy Girl.