Monday, September 15, 2014

Back to School Wreath (Dollar Tree)

If you follow my seasonal board it might look like I am obsessed with wreaths. I am a little, but it is a passing thing. Sometimes I am totally on top of it and sometimes I wave at the opportunity to make a wreath as it fly's by. Sometimes this happens even though I bought the supplies months ago. 

This time however, I was totally on top of it! My back to school wreath:

First I cut a ring out of cardboard. and split it into sections.

Then I glued pencils onto the section dividers This helped me make sure I was gluing the pencils at the same place all the way around.

And then I filled between each section with pencils and crayons. all the way around. (I originally bought the box of 64 crayons at dollar tree, thinking that I didn't want to waste the good ones. It was a total fail, those crayons are all in blue wrappers. I can't even.)

I added a strip on the back for the hanger (I ended up putting a string through it)

And its done!

And it only took me a month to show you!

3 pencil boxes - $1 each
crayons- on hand
cardboard- on hand.

The Artsy Girl