Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Art Teacher Style #3

This is really not turning into a fashion blog, it is just so easy to share my teacher outfits with you. 

 There is really nothing special about this one, but it felt special because I NEVER wear skinny jeans. amazing what the power of a high-low shirt that covers your butt can do. The jeans were $10 at H&M! (Shoes: Mephesto)

OK, so technically I wore this at Munchy's birthday party (SHES 2 OMG) but it is such a cute outfit. My personal stylist (SIL) picked it out for me. (Dress: Collective Concepts)

Did you Know there are really rad tights at 5 Below? There are, and I'm kind of obsessed with them. Also, did you notice my new accessory? I acquired my MIL's fitbit Charge HR, and I LOVE IT. So glad she didn't. 

Another one I didn't wear to work. I wore this to a coworkers baby shower. I loved the outfit, and it let me wear my new sandals (DSW Clearance $20) for the first time, but the tunic (Old Navy bathing suit cover) didn't quite cover my butt. Even though the tights (H&M) are opaque I can't quite have my butt out at work. 

This was my outfit for the District Art Show. one of my art teacher friends said she was really feeling my look that day. I guess the effort was worth it. (Dress: H&M)

Does anyone have a go to art teacher outfit?