Monday, March 31, 2014

YoCP March

 I know you thought I forgot about it, but I am totally still doing the Year of the Clean Person, just slowly. I totally failed at the March challenge of making my bed everyday, but I did manage to revamp my sleeping space a little.




I painted the room gray, (Mark Twain's Boyhood Home by Valspar) used Guitar hooks to hang M's collection, rearranged the furniture, cleared off the dresser, hung art/pictures/ mirror, and made New curtains and a headboard.

 The curtains are the same construction as the ones I used in the condo, but I made two pockets instead of one so there would be a ruffle at the top.

For the headboard I used a big piece of cardboard and wrapped quilt batting and fabric around it. I nailed it to the wall, and added upholstery tacks to the outer edge. 

Unrelated, but I also made a wreath this month.