Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Artist Traiding Cards

Its that time of year. Projects are finished up and there are not enough days left to justify starting another project. It's time for Artist Trading Cards.
 They really are cool, the kids like the hook that it is something artists really do (although I never heard of it till I was in my Art Ed classes, so who knows really) and they like that it is small, so they can easily finish at least one, and then take it home when they are done.

I usually have a bad example, and a good example, we talk about how the good example has a background, color, and details, and the bad example is a quick sketch. We also talk about how you want to make your card something that someone would be willing to trade a card they worked hard on for.

If you want to do this all you have to do is cut some card stock into 4x3 inch cards. They also sell pre-made cards, but I have a ton of donated card stock. I like to put out a variety of supplies, so they really feel like they are getting to do something, if I just have them use crayons, they don't get as excited.

My problem comes with the little guys, they start to get into competition with each other, and by about minuet 30 they are rushing to get another every 5 min! That's when class stops, and we have a conversation about how it is not a race, and the person with the most is not going to win, they are just going to have lots of sub par cards on their hands. Nobody will want to trade with that!

I'm glad I had this in my back pocket when everyone finished up projects with a few days till break. We are doing we are doing winter centers after this, If I have time I'll scan my worksheets for you.

How are you using these last few days?
Until Next time