Friday, May 29, 2015

Aztec Masks

I love making myself crazy. 

So when the other art teacher on my campus was ready to settle into weaving for the next 9 weeks with 4th grade I should have taken a deep breath and done the same. BUT, I thought, 9 WEEKS? That is a life time!

I'm terrible at reminding myself that I don't have 9 weeks with a group, I have what, like MAYBE 7 classes left with them? Much of which is interrupted by the art show, talent show, passing back art etc. 

But I love to be crazy, so I squeezed one last project in. I never expect them to finish weaving anyway. 

OMG you guys I LOVE THESE! They are sooooooo cute! I am going to do them next year when 4th grade is actually learning about the Aztecs.

In truth though, we learned about the cultures of Mezo-America, not just the Aztecs. We watched a few Brain Pop videos, and this really cool video from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to learn about the culture. I also checked out a bunch of books from the library. 

We watched some videos on YouTube to learn how to actually tool the metal as well
This is a good one, so is this, and this.

My main concern for these is that they showed a face (It didn't have to be human) and the face have details on it, as that looked more Mezo-American, and more interesting. 

To finish them off, they cut out the mask, with a half centimeter around the edge to fold over so they don't cut anyone, and glue it on black paper. 

I found this lesson plan on Artsonia.

Until next time.

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