Monday, October 31, 2011

Things That Pour

My mom pointed out to me that I have a problem.

I keep buying things that pour.

I really don't know why. After she pointed it out I caught myself trying to buy another teapot. Maybe it's because the formal china I registered for says it has a tea pot, but I can't FIND IT ANYWHERE to register for it! Anyway. I thought showing off my very small (I swear) collection I might come to terms with it.... or go buy more.

 This was my first set. It started it all. One day when I have a back porch I will serve iced tea out of this to my friends. While I am wearing a floral circle skirt and a button down white cotton blouse. and we are all eating cucumber sandwhat.....? Oh.... Hi.

 OK, I take offense to this being a problem. This is that AMAZING Mexican blown glass that you can't get just anywhere! I needed a Margarita set. Don't judge me.

 Isn't this set the most darling thing? And have you noticed I have a hard time always getting things that have a full set of six glasses. Whatever, It's not like I have six friends..... that are all free at the same time.  BUT this is a blue and white Asian pattern. Just like, the same as Similar to my soon to be china pattern. Yeah. Worth it.

Ok, so I bought the amber decanter set one day, love them, think they are the best thing ever. M NEVER wants to use them! So we come across this crystal set for $20 and he just HAS to have it. Never mind that we just registered for 3 different decanters.  I swear, it is not just me. Case in point:

 WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Again, not my fault! I don't even know what to do with this. I suggested we give it away for Christmas, not that anyone would want it.  He said no.

Shesh. I just realized I missed a few.  There is always another day.

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