Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Its been awhile .....

.... Since I last..... posted to this blog. But I still fully intend to keep my section on the internet alive and running! A whole lot has happened since my last blog post 1 year ago today. Updates anyone?

It is my second year of teaching! woo! Now that I am older and wiser I hope to have more time to write about my creative genius. If this site goes dead again you can always check out what I am up to over at my school website. Which I am updating with renewed vigor now that my city has been named an "Any Given Child" city by the Kennedy Canter. What does this mean for me? My school district has created the Creative Classroom Initiative, which is their section of the Kennedy center program. My school is one of 4 pilot elementary schools that is working to integrate arts into the general classroom. We have all this grant money to do all of this stuff, and it will be great....... but it is slow going. If you want to know about it, I blog in depth about what we are doing on my school webpage.

I also got engaged! I have been trying to plan a wedding the past few months. expect some annoying wedding posts. It seems my life and interests are changing every day, but they are essentially staying the same. I still love all the things I always have, but now they are connected to weddings, and more parts of a house then just the craft room, and other crazy things I never cared about before!

New topics I will probably be exploring:
Estate sale finds (new love)
Re-Decorating and Organizing.
Buying a house?
Wedding Crap.
Art Lesson Plans (wait, is this new? I meant to start this last year... Oops.)
Things I have learned, done, and tips of the trade for other Art teachers (A how to? Maybe only useful for students and other newbies)
Scans of lesson plans form an old (experienced) Teacher (to share, because this job is hard enough without being greedy little hoarders.)

I'll leave you with some cute scans that can be used for free time this Halloween season.

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