Sunday, October 30, 2011

Estate Sale Art

Earlier this year M and I discovered a new love while taking a walk in our neighborhood.  Estate Sales!

I have always LOVED old things.  No Joke. I am the person that cannot turn down something that someone offers me.  Unfortunately I don't have any space to re-purpose anything in our current living situation, so estate sales offers the perfect solution. Almost everything at estate sales are still totally nice looking. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of old junk at estate sales that can be messed around with, but for now, nice is better. 

For  my first installment in this series I want to focus on Art.  There is lots of scary, disturbing, expensive, ugly, interesting art to be found at estate sales. From original works priced in the thousands to naked dwarfs.  Here are some pieces we couldn't walk away from.

 This pair was found in a wonderful house/ design studio in the city. It was a cool little narrow building with living quarters on top, and even a little courtyard with a lap pool. There was so much glass art there that I just loved, but alas, it was one of those "they want what for that?" places.

 I have no Idea why M wanted this. I imagine one day it will go in a stuffy man den with leather chairs. For now it is in our bedroom, where the colors match.

 Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE Art Deco? My whole wedding is practically Art Deco themed. I love this little piece, it is a valentine from the late 20s and eludes the the Irish tradition of women proposing to men on leap year! AND it is in an Art Deco frame!

 This was a pendant piece, but we only bought the one. It is way cool.

 This was our first estate sale find ever. It is painted silk, and authentically from Japan (or china?) The people who had it were very widely traveled.

 I love Pirates. M likes silly things. We had to buy these. I don't think these are really paintings.

Greek plates. Total random find. There was literally nothing else at the sale when we got there. got them all for like 20 bucks.

Next time, things that pour.

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