Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Art Teacher Style #2

Thought I'd pop in and share my art teacher outfit for today-
Good thing I don't work in a high school
One of my coworkers said to me: "Oh I see you are going full on art teacher today." Cute as that is, the real reason is that all of my clean pants are worn out right were my legs rub together. Please tell me that happens to more people then just me. Its super embarrassing. 

Yesterday I was in my same old get up, but I was wearing some lower slung jeans that called for a belt (for the same reason I am in a skirt today, I need to go to Goodwill.) Check out this beauty that I haven't worn in ages. 

My dad found this at a local shop years ago, and it is one of my favorite things ever. I have a co-worker that works in resin, and she is really excited to make some now. If that happens I will take pictures so you can see how to do it. I have been wanting some more art themed belt buckles for a long time.

The Artsy Girl

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