Monday, November 24, 2014

Pseudo Origami Box.

 I was looking at my auto upload from the past couple of years, and came across this gem from a training a few years ago, and thought I would share.

You might want to click to make it bigger.

I called it a pseudo origami box because if you cut and glue it is not really origami. 

You can put anything inside, but we made them into books in a box. 

To make the pages, you want to fold the paper in a cross and an x then bring the corners together

 It will give you a nice square

you want to glue these together by alternating the direction of the paper and gluing the flat parts of the squares to each other (I'm sorry but Blogger will not let me upload that photo!)

There you have it a quick little project, you can have them write stories or whatever in the book. 

The Artsy Girl 

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