Monday, August 25, 2014

What are your stregnths?

My Principal loves themes for the school year. LOVES THEM. If she isn't given one by the district, god help her, she makes one up. Some people are annoyed by this, but I think its cute. She even had a non-theme theme year, that didn't go too well. Next years theme is strength. Specifically what are your strong traits. We are part of a pilot program (another thing she loves) about looking at your strengths as a teacher/student (I think that's the thing, I'll change this info as I learn more.)

As part of this process she gave everyone a book called Strengths Finder 2.0 which tells you your top 5 strengths as a person, and what they mean. Most people rolled their eyes at this because, it is a homework assignment, but you guys: I LOVE TESTS! I really do. I don't even care if you know. I will take a test to tell me my top 5 anything. Sometimes it is super enlightening, as I defiantly believe there are things about yourself you might not notice otherwise.  In light of this years theme I decided to take some other tests to tell me how I am, and how I relate to the world around me. I will of course link to them, as I know you don't care about my answers, but about your own. If I take more over the year I'll add them later.

Strengths finder 2.0
So this was intense. You buy the book, get the code out of the back, and go online to take the "quiz" which consists of selecting on a spectrum which of 2 choices you agree with more. The thing is, sometimes the choices aren't opposites, and the often aren't mutually exclusive. But you only have 20 seconds to make a choice and you cannot go back. It was really nerve wracking! But I got my top 5 strengths. Here they are, with antidotes about why they are so spot on.

Strategic-Sort through the clutter and find the best route.
Sometimes in meetings I make a suggestion and everyone thinks I'm nuts, or out of my depth because they are still hung up in the minutia of the discussion. They usually land at the same decision as me, but hours later.

Responsibility- Take psychological ownership of projects and have a hard time letting things go.
I haven gotten physically ill from missing a deadline. The worst are the deadlines I forgot I had, because I committed to something in passing and promptly forgot about it.

Relater- You are drawn to people you know, and must find a way to relate to someone to like them.
I am so reserved and not myself around people whom I have nothing in common. I have been tricked and led to believe I have things in common with people, only to find out that no, I cannot relate to them at all, so I wait now.

Restorative- Love to solve problems.
Untying knots is relaxing. I have problems with this one because I am supposed to let my students solve their own problems. It's hard.

Achiever- Incredible drive, must achieve something everyday.
I once had a biology professor in college tell me that because I scored high in the artistic/visual intelligence learning style that I should drop his class because I wouldn't do well. I told him to F off, that he didn't know me, and proceeded to make the only A in that class. I have since heard that he doesn't make his classes take the learning style test anymore. This probably would have been #1 if I was still in college.

My whole team had to chart our strengths to see where we as a whole were strong. We are amazing at relationship building. We suck at influencing.

I made this shield as an example for a Heraldry project and used my strengths as the symbols I used.

Sorting Hat Quiz
Ok this one is a little annoying, because you have to join the website, "buy" your supplies to attend Hogwarts (which includes a mini quiz to match you with a wand) and THEN you can take the quiz. I promise you don't have to continue playing the game anymore after you take the quiz. Really.
My results:
BOOM! I've been saying it for years, and I finally have J.K. approved conformation. Other less reputable quizzes have told me that I should be in Hufflepuff. But its not hard to put anyone in a house who takes anyone, am I right?
Important Ravenclaw info:
House colors are Blue and bronze.
Element is Air
Animal is an Eagle (not a raven?)
Motto: "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure."
Traits: Inelegance, Wit, Wisdom, Creativity, Originality, Individuality & Acceptance.

Which Doctor are you?

This one is obviously not serious, but LOOK! I got my Doctor. Love him. 

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