Thursday, July 31, 2014

4th of July wreath- Mini Fail

 I was reading on Dollar Store Crafts that you can tape a pool noodle into a circle and use that to create a wreath! I was all for it when I saw the dollar tree had noodles at the beginning of the summer. Taping it together was easy enough. 

 I collected a bunch of materials at the dollar tree too.

Love me some dollar tree. 
I got started wrapping up my wreath. I was so excited! Then I ran out of ribbon. "No worries" I thought, I bought plenty of 4th of July crap to put on this thing. When I was finished I had this.

As you can see, the circle of the wreath didn't hold well, and is now kind of football shaped. Also, the noodle was GREEN!!!!! I didn't think this was a big deal until I ran out of ribbon and the stars didn't densely cover the noodle. And the duct tape I used was pink.. Again, would have been fine if I had enough ribbon! Since It was midnight July 3rd I put the monster on the front door and went to bed. Then when I was looking for back to school wreath supplies I came across this at the Dollar Tree.

WHAT? Where has this been all my life? I bought 5 just in case they disappear. I took everything off the green monster, and put it on the wire frame. The ribbon almost fit all the way around, and I covered the remainder with that obnoxious plastic bow.

Perfection. Too bad it was late. Oh well. Next year.

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