Monday, September 16, 2013

Peak Inside My Sketchbook- Zentangle.

Hey all-
School is in full swing here, so I thought I would share what my 4th graders are working on.

This has consistently been lauded as the best project 4th grade does all. year. long.  Of course by the 4th graders. Who knows what everyone else thinks of it. I LOVE this project because it can be a quick or long as you need, its easier then it looks, and if you aren't a great drawer it doesn't matter. I like doing this as a first project of the year, because it gets the kids in the right mindset for the year. You can however do it any time. I like to stay away from Christmas though, otherwise I get lots of cups of hot coco in the kids zentangles.

There are books all over the place with directions on how to do this, but I don't have any. I like doing it kind of free form. I show the kids my examples, take them through my process of drawing ideas in my sketchbook, (the process is I think and draw, but it's fourth grade, lets cut them some slack) and show them a few videos.  I like this one and this one. That alone is usually enough. If you want to pick up a book it can be helpful if you have a kid that just cannot think of anything. I have a sheet of visual texture I give out that helps jog brains.

What are you working on this  fall?

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