Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer thoughts

One of the hardest things about being on maternity leave has been this feeling of OOOOOH SUMMER! As you know I am a teacher, so summer is a legit thing around here. The problem was I had all this extra summer, and was absent my teacher hubby, who was still..... teaching. Ugh.

This would have been fine without the adorable reason I was on summer early, but guys, you cant get anything done with babies. Sure when we first brought her home she slept 80% of the time. Great but the 20% she was awake was at 4:00am. so you know when she was sleeping those first weeks so was I.  Then she hit the 6 week I WILL CRY ALL THE TIME FOR NO REASON jag, which sucked. Now she has finally evened out, gave herself (!!!) a consistent nap time and bed time. And when we can trick her into letting us put her down things can actually happen.

At about this point in the summer I usually have been off for 4 weeks, have about 6 in front of me and have accomplished exactly nothing. occasionally I can kick my self in the butt and start to get things done, but the lethargy of summer is great. This year I have been sitting on my butt for 3 months as of today, and it is getting OLD. And I know that when school starts I will have even less time then usual at the start of the year because of Munchy.  Then I read  this great post on APW about doing things you have pinned, and you know pinning has been all of the things I have been doing, because babies. M is done teaching, and done with summer school too, so I need to ACT! This week has been very productive. I.....

1. I went to social security to officially hyphenate my name. (yeah a year late)
2. went to DPS and got a new license, with new name, address, and picture (that is not from when I was an 18 year old goth.)
3. I renewed my car  registration (also a year late)
4. I went to all the Doc appointments I needed.... even the dentist!
5. I scheduled a photo session for family portraits (and would haven done them if I had called her back to confirm the time.... babies.) which is now happening on Wednesday.
6. I got life insurance
7. I orderd birth anouncements
8. Framed these
Munchy's room is almost done, I just have to strip the paint off her changing table.... this weekend.
9. Made this for M
All the places we went on our honeymoon.
10, bought a fridge
11. Scheduled Munchy's baptism
12. made this
 and this
and I'm teaching my self how to embroider so I can finish the quilt for my cousins baby.

I'm not unplugging because.... nursing, but I am doing. And you will see all the other doing soon.
the Artsy Girl

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