Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Peak Inside My Sketchbook- Primary color collage

Some of you may remember a post I did last year about my new favorite way to write lesson plans. I just keep a sketchbook now. It really is the greatest thing ever.

Obviously this won't work for everyone. Some people work at schools with principals that need to have everything in the same format for everyone NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! I showed this to my principal and she loved it. I write down all the stuff that I need to have in my lesson according to the district visual art standard, I just don't fill out their sheet (but I have them on file just in case I need to submit anything, I just have to pull it up on the computer and fill in the blanks from my sketchbook.

Anyway, have a look:

This is a kinder project from the beginning of the year. basically we talk about primary colors, sing a song about it, then they hunt through magazines and tear out the colors and group them together. I use glue sticks, so we can talk about using a material properly. otherwise nothing else special, I don't want to over load them. This is literally day 2 of class. we talk about how to hold and use scissors the next time. I just want to see if they know these colors, and how each kid works.

I hope you can see my lesson there. Let me know if it is unreadable (not my spelling and handwriting, just the photo!) If it doesn't work I'll type the lesson up next time.

The Artsy Girl

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