Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bad blogger

Can I tell you how many blog posts I write in my head? Thousands. And for every post I wrote in my head there are three I would write in my head if I ever had a chance to think about it. It's not even like I'm busy. I stop teaching at 3:00, and unless I have a meeting, I have until 3:45 in my classroom, till M comes to get me. I know I do stuff, because somehow things get planed and prepped for the next day... But I don't remember what I did most the time. All time stands still from 3:45- 6:30 because I go home and usually fall asleep. I wish I could blame this on the baby in my tummy but this happened before I was pregnant too.  So I'm sorry I'm so bad at being a blog writer. I really do have good things in the works and I think about you my readers, that I hope are there and not just in my head, loads.

On that note I am going home today, not falling asleep, and trying to get stuff done. yeah OK, I may just pay bills, but I guess that is a start. 

and because I think you are awesome here is a link to my district's art wiki, which has lots of lessons submitted by my fellow art teachers. I helped upload some of them..... because I am on the tech committee.

The Artsy Girl

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