Monday, January 16, 2012

Craft room

I was looking around in my photos and realized that I took pictures of my craft room last time I cleaned it. Thought you might like to see my multipurpose room.

Here is the view from the door. As you can see it is jam packed with stuff! The window box is filled with cat stuff, i.e. food bowl and litter box. We call this Bowser's room.

OK, the main crafting and art making area. That drafting table was like $200 online, I think the brand was Alvin. the desk with the sewing machine is from Sam's club, and the fling cabinet matches. There is an old school overhead projector that I saved from the dumpster at school when a storage room was cleaned out.  The sewing machine is a Babylock Molly. I thought about going more digital, but I figured that I am pretty astute when it comes to taking the machines apart and trouble shooting issues, and that knowledge goes out the window when you get digital. Notice the small guitar, this is also M's music storage room.

The bin's are full of  fabric, and odds and ends like empty bottles that can be used for crafts. That orange loveseat is really a bed for Peach. Not that we ever let her in here, so its a place for people to sit when I make them stuff, or crash when drinking too much.

That TV is not hooked up to anything. I wish it was sometimes, but I can just watch Netflix on my laptop if I want to create and veg. That closet has shelves from Ikea in them and hold all the supplies for creating, along with books. tucked back in the corner where you can't see are all my gift wrapping stuff. 

Yes I know, my craft room is very sad :( someday I will have one that is either large enough for a big table in the middle to create on or that I don't have to share with the cat and all of M's stuff. I want to make a display board for quilting soon, but where will it go?

Time to think!

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