Friday, June 12, 2009

UT in the press

There are always exciting things going on at an art school and the University of Texas is no exception. Despite being in the shadow of a nationally recognized football program (literally, the art building is right next to the stadium) we still know how to make headlines of out own. In my painting class last fall Sharon, a fellow student painted a bizarre giant painting of a gerbil. There were some things that were objectionable about this painting, but no one in the class said anything about it in the spirit of free speech.

Eventually everyday we came into class and Sharon would discover her painting had been turned to face the wall. She would turn it back and notice some paint on her canvas that had come off the wall. After this happened several times despite her putting notes on her canvas saying “do not touch” she got the Professor involved. The culprit it turned out was the instructor of an informal painting class that used the room at night and whom many other students had run ins with. Everyday we were all excited to learn the drama that had unfolded the day before.

A few months ago there was an article in the paper ( about Sharon, her painting, and the woman that was causing her so much trouble. It appears that the woman might have called the paper because the drama with Sharon caused her to quit teaching painting at UT. The article is pretty funny, and the comments on the article are even better. One of the comments gives the link to the woman’s blog, where her take on the whole story is particularly nasty.

Until next time, happy reading!

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