Sunday, June 1, 2014

End of school Sewing

The end of the school year always brings lots of opportunities to dress up, in the form of "spirit days" We have sock days and crazy hair days, but the most fun involve a whole coordinated outfit. 

Enter 1950's day:

The fun part of this outfit was that I was able to work on it while teaching sewing to 3rd grade, so they were able to see sewing really applied. First I drafted a circle skirt pattern at home to bring in. 

 Then I took it to school and cut it out. and cut out a poodle and attached it, using a stitch I was teaching them to use (sorry no pictures of this, I was also teaching. )

I also made my headband for my Professor Trelawney cosume on dress like a book character day! The pattern is from Love at First Stitch.

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