Thursday, January 23, 2014

Craft room + Year of the Clean Person

I got so much done over Christmas break. If you are my real-life friend you saw my chronicles on   Facebook. My main accomplishment was the craft room:
 Also known as the place where everything goes to die.
 It took DAYS, but I cleaned EVERYTHING out, took some to work, threw some away, filed some, reorganized some storage, and even put a table back there for the sewing machine. My white whale is done.
 Closet, storage bins.
 Sewing table, books, pile of sketchbooks (Ok, I still have some work to do.)
 Couldn't get rid of M's Piano :/

I even decorated a little.

It feels good to finally have a room dedicated to art in my new house, despite the fact that I know it will be short lived (Baby #2 will be considered in the next few years) Then I will have to go back to small space, corner of the room crafting.

While I was doing this, and cleaning the whole house, I read on Jezebel about the Year of the Clean Person movement. I have already completed the January task of making a list of goals:
2014 cleaning goals
*Clean Kitchen every night
*Clear surfaces in living/dining areas twice a week
*Sweep/vacuum/ mop once a week
*Dust once a month
*Bathrooms once a month
*Deep clean one room once a month
*Follow all monthly challenges 

It sounded like the list was supposed to include specific things you want to clean, but I spent the entire Christmas Break scrubbing, organizing, purging etc, so my house is in pretty good shape-- all problem areas of last year have been dealt with. I am using this challenge to keep all the hard work from reverting back to a pile of mess by creating habits that will stick. Why am I telling you about this? What does this have to do with my normal blog? Well it's a life style thing, and I know that the mess I live in is directly related to not having any time as a teacher. Plus its my blog, so I can post whatever I want, and I know you will help keep me accountable. I really need to do this though, Munchy ate two dust bunnies yesterday!

In case you don't want to click the link and read the really long post about the schedule, here is a brief recap of the monthly goals, with the things I'm likely to add. 

January- Make a list of goals. I am also going to try to implement my list. I already deep cleaned the craft room!
February- Clean the book shelves. I will add to this the entertainment center and china cabinet (very similar pieces of furniture) Plus I have to baby proof all of it. I'll deep clean the living room this month. as I will have put so much work into it already. 
March- Make your bed everyday! Ugh. I'm also going to deep clean the master bedroom this month, because it is spring break, and I would like to paint that room. 
April- Create your dream bathroom. This is two bathrooms for me. I don't have much money to spend, so I hope I can sell some stuff I have in the garage to finance this (we are trying to pay down the credit cards.) I will focus on the hall bath, as our master is in pretty good shape. I'll deep clean both bathrooms this month (duh)
May- Winter cloths purge. OK so I basically have no cloths, and as a new mom I doubt that will change any time soon. so I'll do my best with that, but I don't think I'll be getting rid of much. my deep clean this month is cleaning all the closets.
June- Car wash. I'll make sure M's gets done too, I'll add deep clean the Garage here, maybe I'll get my laundry area looking like a room.
July- Shoe purge, over my dead body. Ok ok, I'll look and see what is out of style or needs to be fixed. Deep clean the baby's room, she has some shoes to get rid of.
August-Clean your desk. This is back to school time. I'll be doing good if I don't drop all the good habits I hope to have created this year. I'll be deep cleaning my classroom, and trying to not let the house explode.
September- Summer cloths purge. It's cute that Jolie thinks I'm not still wearing all my summer cloths in September. She must not live in Texas. I'll get rid of things that don't fit here. Dining room deep clean.
October-Kitchen organization, another task that will potentially cost me way too much money. I would really like to to use counter-top paint on the kitchen this month and get rid of my laminate butcher block counters.  Deep clean Kitchen (duh)
November- Pantry/fridge clean out, I feel like I do this every time I go to the store, but I'll do it.  I'm back to deep cleaning the living room. I guess I'll need to if I am putting a tree up soon.

Well I'll be pricing grout brushes the rest of the day.
What are your goals this year?

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