Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Woven Basket

My first year teaching a parent gave me a donation of stuff to make baskets with!  She said I could just take it home  because she knew there wasn't enough to make a whole class worth.

Now, I am very aware of the stigma that art and basket weaving have, particularly together, so I had never planed on teaching this during a textile lesson.  Then I read the Hunger Games.  How can someone say that basket weaving is useless and lame when Finnik wove watertight baskets in the 2nd book that saved everyone's life, because they could now take water with them? HOW I SAY! You can't. I know If I related a basket weaving project to that my students would be OBSESSED with baskets. Maybe someday, but I'll be on maternity leave when they do textiles this year.

The directions that came in the bag I got were very... unclear, so I looked up how to do them. rather then take process shots and make a tutorial, I decided to direct you to the totally awesome one that I used.

Here is my finished product! Yeah OK, It's ugly, but it holds onions and potatoes nicely, which will do until I am able to have a root cellar, or figure out a better solution in the pantry.
I might have enough left to make some baskets for the baby's room to hold toys.

The Artsy Girl

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