Saturday, December 31, 2011

Projects I never posted in 2011

I have been noticing that all my favorite craft blogs have been posting year end reflections on their favorite projects of the year.  I suppose if I want to claim my rightful place in the craft-blog-dom I should do the same. Since I have only really been posting consistently for half of 2011, I thought I would take a different route.

Projects I didn't post.

There are various reasons I didn't post things, but the main reason is that I haven't gotten into the habit of taking photographs along the way.  Here are some photos I took of projects I finished, but didn't do step by step process photos of to do a tutorial (like my tutorials are any good anyway!)

The cuddly quilt

 I bought this quilt set to make a quilt for my cousin's baby. A year later I decided that now that I was FINALLY getting around to making the quilt, I should do a product review. Well... these are the pictures I took..... yeah, totally review worthy. What I can tell you is that my ability to guess how large something is when the size is written in centimeters is really poor, this was way smaller then I expected. Also I don't know why they used this plush fabric that you can't iron in a quilt. especially when the directions specifically say to iron all the seams. I singed the plush, then got a facing cloth to use. Did the directions say to use a facing cloth? Maybe, who can remember, but why even include fabric that can't be ironed?
Singed cloth
Oops, apparently I took less photos then I realized.... as this is the only project I can find where I took any!

Crafting related New years resolutions.

1. Remember to take photos of projects. (I've gotten better in the past weeks)
2. Update you on wedding crafts.
3. learn an easy way to watermark photos, since I should be doing that I hear.
4. Create a sign off name, because I love it when the rebel crafter signs her posts. I feel like i was just smacked in the face with a project. 
5. Update more frequently.

Have a happy new year!

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