Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Evolution/ Old school examples

I have TONS of art that I have made through out my career as a student. I know I don't have the lesson plans for these, but you may be able to use them as inspiration for something.

This was watercolor ( I think)and colored pencil the whole year I was in 5th grade we did mid evil inspired things. I also have my gargoyles, and will try to take pictures.

 This was my second year of painting I think, so I already kind of had a grip on the media, I don't remember there being much of a prompt for this. we went outside, my teacher talked about trees and how artists used to study nature...... Yeah I wasn't listening, there was a cute boy in the class. BUT we got to sit outside to paint, and had to do practice sketches before we started. I vaguely recall using a mini dry erase board, which I'm sure I thought was neat. You can buy melamine board at Home depot for pretty cheap, cut it up, and have a cheap class set of dry erase boards. Crayola makes dry erase crayons if you are wary of giving your kids smelly markers.

Chalk pastels on dark paper with a model. Good for practicing highlights and shadows. For secondary this could be adapted with still life set ups or a manikin. The point was highlights, not nude models!! Make sure you get a dark paper with a good tooth. This was Strathmore dark drawing paper and was awesome.

Write your name in a triangle, trace it all over the page in reflecting ways, and volia! Radiating name design.

This was painting class in High School, we were lucky enough to use oil paint back then. I used a program similar to photoshop to make a photo I took monochromatic (I made mine a negative too). It was a neat way to learn about tints and shades on a more sophisticated scale in HS. Plus, it was me, so I was instantly hooked.

This was a silly project I made up for myself at the end of the year. I got really into copying masters paintings in acrylics on a small scale, which I should post later, and this kind of evolved out of that. The image in the middle is a study I did for a self portrait, which I glued to some Masonite, with a matte board frame. Trees were kind of my trademark in High School. The lettering is Greek and random. this would be a cool "About me" project, the lettering could be things about the student, and around the self portrait could be stuff they are into.

This got me interested in German Expressionism. It was a 10 min extended gesture activity. The length was fine in college, but for secondary students I can see interest loss after 5, which is a shame, because having to go over my lines is what makes this image I think.

The prompt for this project was pick a song, draw how it makes you feel using hatching and stippling. For your students you may want to specify the song needs to be appropriate. I sketched everything out with a pencil and went over it with sharp lines using a Micro pen. I still want to go back and fill in the background so it is very dark and the box will pop.
BTW the song was Portishead: Glory Box

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